Leg Holder-positioner

The Leg Holder allows the leg to be positioned during arthroscopic or orthopaedic surgery of an animal’s hind limb.


  • Fully adjustable, suitable for dogs from 10-80Kg
  • Fix it to the rail of the operating table using the universal 360 degree clamp.
  • Useful for stifle surgery.
  • It’s rigidity provides an excellent counter support.

Medline Theatre Supplies

As a practitioner of veterinary medicine, your focus is on delivering the highest quality of care for pets and their families. At the same time, you face challenges related to cost control, the simplification of operations and the enhancement of practice  revenue. Vetlig only sells the MEDLINE brand as we believe it is the best on the human and veterinary market.

The benefits of Medline surgical drapes and gowns.

  • No. 1 supplier of drapes and gowns in the world
  • Used in nearly 23 million surgical procedures across europe.
  • The broadest product line in the industry
  • Developed for clinicians and by clinicians
  • Adapted to customer needs
  • Best-in-class drape and gown fabrics
  • Adaptability of a family-run business but with the scale and structure that comes from being a major healthcare company.

A full range of theatre fabrics.

Medline’s drapes range is the broadest line in the industry. Innovative fabric technology and design features help ensure patient safety, improve drapeability and reduce preparation time in the operating theatre.  Four ranges of fabrics are available, in order to provide all the

features needed for all surgical specialties. 

Drapes for Vets

Based on animal sizes, we help you to select the most suitable sterile drapes to match your needs.


From drape sheets with simple designs and fenestrated drapes to specialty surgical drapes and more complex drape packs—combined with single-use material options—we provide you with the tools for the best performance. All sterile drapes meet or exceed European quality standard, EN13795-1

Surgical gowns


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