Chaussette Owner Testimonial


Chaussette, Cocker Spaniel, Female, 7 years old. Triceps repair.

April 4th 2017


Sportsman and mountain lover, I was in the Ecrins at 3207 m, with Chaussette who used to accompanies me in my hikes, trail, ski etc…


After going up in the montain passes and taking some pictures at the peak, I started going down with my crampons in order to put on my skis about fifty meters lower, but due to lack of attention and / or overconfidence I slipped on unstable stones hidden by the snow, and I fell about 200 m down. Once my fall had stopped, I searched and called for Chaussette but without result, assuming that she was under a lot of snow, I went back looking for her without results. I put on my skis and I went back down to look for her as much as I could with my wounds.


In the middle of the montain passes I discovered blood stains in the snow, so there was still hope even though I thought that the worst happenned seeing all this blood.


An hour later and 900m down, I discovered a big bloodstain, Chaussette had found shelter from the wind a few meters lower, unconscious, inert and choking in her own blood. With my leg injuries and the state of Chaussette it was impossible to ski down, it’s on foot for an hour, Chaussette in a blanket and in my backpack to the car  in order to alert the rescue services.


The veterinary clinic of Bourg d’Oisans, took immediately care of her. She was hypothermic, with severe head trauma and had already lost a lot of blood. Several days later and she was stabilized, I was directed to the veterinary clinic Pierre du Terrail in Pontcharra. The examinations revealed edema on the cervical spine, broken ribs and a complex fracture of the olecranon of the left paw.


April 10th, 2017, first surgery to reduce the fracture using a k-wire but it did not hold.


On May 20th, 2017, the second surgery was made to put back the olecranon in its place with a k-wire system but because of a very brittle bone, the system did not stay in place. 

Dr BUTTIN, a traveling surgeon on the Alpine Arc, offered me a new ligament and tendon prosthesis to save Chaussette’s paw, I quickly accepted, without certainty of the result.


June 13th, 2017, third surgery in order to remove the K wires but impossible to put in the prosthesis because of an infection of the site.


On July 6th, 2017, fourth surgery, and implantation of the ligament prosthesis NOVATEN® of Novetech Surgery.


On August 23th, 2017Chaussette has a good radial control, and must keep the brace 3 more weeks to not take any risk.


On September 14th, 2017, it is Chaussette’s Birthday I removed the brace.


The day after she walked on all four paws again.