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Cranial and caudal cruciate and multi stiffle ligament repair.

Novalig® available in three sizes, 8000 for over 20Kg dogs, 4000 for under 20kg dogs and 2000 for cats & dogs under 10Kg.  Ligaments with a femoral suspensory button fixation, pre-threaded are also available. Suitable for an open or arthroscopic procedure.

For global stifle and mutli ligament repairs these implants are also proven to stabilise the joint for cats and dogs. Many sizes and options available. 

Fixation by a titanium interference screw.

Hip Subluxation Ligament

Novalig platine ® 2000/4000 with a cortical button fixation for the acetabulum. This a ligament and not sutures on a button. Straightforward operative technique, easy to tension and a jig ( drill guide) is available for the femoral tunnel. It respects the biomechanics of the hip and optional perpendicular fixation if bone is poor in the trochanter. The novalig implant design reduces the chance of tunnel erosion.

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Vetlig’s collaboration with renowned veterinary medical company Novetech means we stay at the forefront of orthopaedic products and breakthroughs. The advanced technology is created to be as minimally invasive as possible and offer considerable advantages during the post-surgery process and aiding the rapid recovery of activities.

Achilles Tendon

Novaten® available in three sizes, 8000 for over 20Kg dogs, 4000 for under 20Kg dogs, 2000 for cats and small dogs. The strength is 8000 newtons for the 8000, 4000 newtons for the 4000 and 2000 newtons for 2000. It is a clinically proven option for chronic or acute Achilles injuries. It is sutured proximally with non-resorbable sutures and anchored in the calcaneum with an interference screw.

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Patella, Triceps and Quadriceps Tendon

Novalig® are available as an 8000/4000/2000 ligament and can be adapted to many applications, also suitable for cats as it uses a 2.5mm tunnel. We also supply tapes.


Our instrument set is modular and covers all applications.  The set can be expanded depending on requirements.

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