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VETLIG is a UK company specialising in sports medicine products for small animal and equine.

We have a full synthetic tendon and ligament reconstruction system, cold therapy physiotherapy, equine wind and fracture plates and the complete Medline consumable range of gowns and drapes. We are also the licensed distributor for APAVAC autologous vaccines.

What are Vetlig implants?

Vetlig synthetics are Novalig and Novaten which are advanced orthopaedic technology designed to reconstruct dog and cat ligaments and tendons.

It is the most advanced non-biological soft tissue treatment option. It gives immediate strength, optimised function, conservative anatomical restoration and rapid recovery.

Whilst being very strong, at the same time they are smaller to implant, which is kinder to the bone and more conservative.

These products help veterinarians to give their patients options which have not been available before and enable them to get back to normal activities with minimal downtime.

How does it work - Evidence-based medicine

Vetlig and its partner Novetech surgery work with only human-grade UHMWPE material for our ligaments and sutures made in France. Our instruments are also made in France and the UK.

The manufacture of these ligaments and instruments are from CE and FDA accredited facilities which are regularly checked and monitored.

Our products are thoroughly tested to make sure they are stronger than the ligament they replace, are biocompatible and are safe. We are the only company to have tested the ligaments to the original Lars ligaments which were used in human orthopaedics.

The implant is stronger yet allows smaller tunnels than the original ligaments Vetlig ltd used to sell. We have evolved the ligament to allow good stability, versatility and recovery with our products. Over 20 scientific papers have been published.


Benefits of Vetlig artificial ligaments

These are some of the benefits of Vetlig ligaments

Less invasive and more conservative than the current TPLO surgery used on dogs

strength and stability
to the repair

Possible for

The same techniques
have been used
in humans for
over 30 years

Respects the
of the joint

Suitable for stifle, patella, achilles, shoulder, hip and tumour applications

Operation is quick and easy to do, either open or arthroscopically


“I can’t believe Galax would recover so quickly after a CCL rupture” The Vet Dr Julinder and Vetlig are a match made in heaven

Review Texta“My name is Sophie and I am the owner of Galax, the dobermann in the video clips that Vet Krister Julinder sent to you. The first 12 hours after the operation were horrible, Galax were in great pain in spite of strong painkillers. He cried and screamed so I almost felt I regret the op. After that first night everything was so much better in the morning, he could use his leg and the worst pain was gone..”

Now Popzy is a happy little poodle who can run around and play again!

“I think that the operation went smoothly and without complications and was the best choice for Popzy. Popzy recovered so well within days after the operation and it was hard to make her take it easy and not jump and run around too much.
The surgical wounds were easy to take care of as they were so small and so I would really recommend Krister Julinders operation with the Vetlig ligament.
Now Popzy is a happy little poodle who can run around and play again.”

On September 14th, it is Chaussette’s Birthday I removed the brace. The day after she walked on all four paws again!

After going up in the montain passes and taking some pictures at the peak, I started going down with my crampons in order to put on my skis about fifty meters lower, but due to lack of attention and / or overconfidence I slipped on unstable stones hidden by the snow, and I fell about 200 m down. Once my fall had stopped, I searched and called for Chaussette but without result.
An hour later and 900m down, I discovered a big bloodstain, Chaussette had found shelter from the wind a few meters lower, unconscious, inert and choking in her own blood.
The examinations revealed edema on the cervical spine, broken ribs and a complex fracture of the olecranon of the left paw.
April 10th, first surgery to reduce the fracture using a k-wire but it did not hold.
On July 6th, fourth surgery, and implantation of the ligament prosthesis NOVATEN® of Novetech Surgery.
On September 14th, it is Chaussette’s Birthday I removed the brace. The day after she walked on all four paws again.

Best Selling Products

These are some of the benefits of Vetlig ligaments

Vetlig Cryotherapy Brace

Cryotherapy has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema and a muscle relaxant effect.

During compression, a decrease in blood flow and oedema is observed, which works in synergy with cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy & Compression Ice machine

For small animal and equine post-op rehab and physio

Vetlig Tapes & Buttons


Suture Fibre is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is 10x stronger than steel on a weighted basis
UHMWPE Suture Tape 96cm long, 770 N strength, 2mm drill tunnels, can also be used with titanium or peek screws.

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