Operative Technique Videos

Elbow Collateral Lateral Ligament Reconstruction with NOVALIG synthetic tendons

Canine cranial & caudal & medial collateral ligament repair with NOVALIG synthetic ligaments

Canine Cranial and Caudal ligament repair with NOVALIG button synthetic ligament

Caudal Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with NOVALIG synthetic ligaments

How to use the cryotherapy brace with compression by Valérie Guigardet

Webinar on immunotherapy to fight cancer with Dr. Laura Marconato, DVM, Dipl. ECVIM-CA

Arthroscopic CCL reconstruction


Achilles Tendon Reconstruction

CCL Reconstruction with Novalig Veterinary Synthetic Ligament

Tarsus repair

CCL extra capsular repair with button

An Overview of what we do

Hip Subluxation repair with Novalig tendon and button fixation

Patellar operative technique

Cryotherapy Brace for small animal

How to prepare Hastim APAVAC immunotherapy vaccine

Webinar on casting/immobilisation post op achilles reconstruction and managing complications

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