Equine & Farm animals

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Theatre consumables, drapes, gowns for equine and farm animals.

  • Ambulatory equine surgery packs, sterile suture packs £14.80
  • Equine size iodine drapes from £5 per drape.
  • Medline gowns
  • Medline gloves 
  • Laparotomy and trolley drapes.
  • Used by Universities and referral equine practices due to superior quality of the Medline brand.
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  • Emasculators 35mm serra type , curved, ratchet £350
  • Needle Holders, mayo, gillies, olsen etc from £29.00

  • Forceps artery and mosquito etc
  • Sissors mayo, metzenbaum, dressing from £20.00
  • Retractors, gelpi inc long reach from £76
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Left handed instruments
  • Sterile suture packs

Fracture Plates

Fracture plates and screws. Made in the UK

  • Compression plates 2.7mm – 4.5mm from £31.00 
  • PCL plates, poly-axial compression locking plates, reduce contouring, single locating fixing,  3.5mm from £70
  • Cortical and cancellous bone screws self tapping, from £5.40
  • Locking screws from £15.40
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Emasculators serra type with ratchet
Crush & Cut
Angled handles to match anatomy
Use single handed
PCL fracture plates
Poly axial screws
Sterile suture packs
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Tapes and buttons for wind procedures.

An option for tie back surgery UHMWP sutures on a pre assembled button. Needle attached for easy passing. Over 750 newtons per construct, strong and less abrasive than nylon lines. Separate buttons and tapes are also available.

Equine cryotherapy system with pneumatic compression.

Cryo Nov is designed to be used post operatively or after competition it uses pneumatic intermittent compression and cryotherapy.
It uses ice and water which circulate continuously for a  pre selected time period through the connector hose and into the chosen wrap which is on the animal. There are 3 levels of compression and programmable time settings.
  1. Continuous cold water circulation around the designated area.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Portable and quiet for animal patients
  4. Affordable
Cryotherapy Brace

Pink Sutures - 3, 4 & 5 metric Sutures.

3-4-5 metric pink sutures, for high visibility. Excellent knot security developed with Bryan O’Meara, MVB MVM CertEs(Orth) Dipl.ECVS. MRCVS. European specialist in equine surgery.


Comes in a box of 12.

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