APAVAC autologous vaccine distributed by Vetlig, made by Hastim.

Autologous vaccines have been used in treatment for many years and a number of scientific articles included in the resources section of our website. Over 1000 animals have been treated worldwide using Apavac in a variety of clinical settings 
Apavac is a single use veterinary medical device that enables veterinary surgeons to formulate autologous vaccines within the clinic with minimal equipment under sterile conditions.
Apavac uses hydroxyapatite adjunvants as antigen presenting molecules that are designed to stimulate an immmune response through activation of T-lymphocytes. Hydroxyapatite simultaneously adsorbs other proteins called “heat shock proteins” (HSP) whose role improve tumor antigen expression to the immune sys

The Prescribing cascade

When considering treatment modalities veterinary surgeons should first consider if there are any suitable authorized products within the UK for the treatment of that condition in that species. If no suitable product exists they may then consider, in the following order, if suitable products are available in any of the following categories


1) Any other veterinary medicine authorized in the UK, irrespective of indication or species of the marketing authorization
2) Any veterinary medicine authorized outside the UK or a human medicine authorized within the UK
3) A extemporaneously prepared product prepared by a veterinary surgeon or pharmacist (such as a vaccine created using apavac) or licensed specials manufacturer. 


The prescribing cascade

When using medicines under the prescribing cascade, consent should be obtained in writing. If using products in equine practice, a generic consent form is available from BEVA It is best practice to advise clients about their use of unauthorized medicines using client information leaflets 

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This autologous vaccine is easy to make in the veterinary clinic with easy to follow instructions. It takes one hour of personnel time and 2.5 hours in total to make 8 vaccines for the patient. Vaccines are administered subcutaneously or intradermally as considered appropriate by the attending veterinarian. 

Once formulated, autologous vaccines are considered extemporaneous products under the prescribing cascade set out in the veterinary medicines regulations (VMR). Veterinary surgeons using autologous vaccines must ensure that their decision making process when selecting such products is compatible with the cascade algorithm. 

More Products

These are some more products Vetlig offer


GlassBONE ™ is a bioactive synthetic substitute for bone regeneration in orthopedic, traumatic, spinal and craniomaxillofacial surgery. GlassBONE ™ is the new standard of the latest generation of bone regeneration substitutes. It has been designed to provide superior properties and performance and a faster and safer healing process.


Cannulated Titanium Screws

Sharp threaded cannulated screws to use with our ligament and tendon reconstruction systems.

Pre tapping is required for the 3 and 3.5mm with a dedicated tap. We also have a 4mm tap instead of using the screw itself. You will need our screwdriver, which is cannulated to fix these. Papers published on our screws for use with our products are available in the literature section.

Vetlig Sutures & Tapes

Fibre Tech is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). 10 x stronger than steel on a weighted basis, enabling a high resistance for any orthopaedic use.

Designed to enhance visibility and provides easier handling and superior knot security.

The sutures are pre-assembled with one or two needles and come in two sizes : 3 and 5 metric


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