Cryotherapy System with Compression

There are 3 elements to the new cryotherapy and compression devices.


  1. Cryo Nov: Mainly clinic or physio led, continuous cold water therapy with pneumatic compression, suitable for post operative surgery on small animals, or equine tendons or post competitive sports. Portable and quiet. Different sizes of sleeve available.
  2. Cryo Push: Hand held inflator pump for use with the cold gel brace. Battery or mains. It can do two legs at once.  Intermittent compression on the gel sleeves, variable compression settings and times. 
  3. Cryo compression brace, manual pump or use with the above cryo push pump: 3 sizes, comes in a freezer bag, easy to use and keep up with clinic physio protocols at home. Can be used, stifle, elbow, back or equine. Post competition or after surgery. In the field or at home. Versatile and portable. Two leg options.

Product Description

Cryo Nov is designed to be used post operatively or after competitive sports, it uses intermittent compression and cryotherapy.


It uses ice and water which circulate continuously for a  pre selected time period through the connector hose and into the chosen wrap which is on the animal. There are 3 levels of compression and programmable time settings.

  1. Continuous cold water circulation around the designated area.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Portable and quiet for animal patients
  4. Affordable
The gel compression brace is a brace that cools in the freezer and is then placed onto the therapeutic area. 
It can be used with a manual pump which gives one level of compression continuously or with the cryo push control module, this is a pump that is battery or mains fed and turns the gel braces into intermittent compression with cryotherapy. Ideal post surgery to reduce swelling or to cool down hot competition legs!! You can take it anywhere with you. This can do two legs simultaneously.
Size for dog cryo brace Colour
Small 15-25kg
Medium 25-35kg
Large 35-50kg



The indication for compressive cryotherapy is mainly acute post-traumatic disorders: sprains, muscular breakdown, dislocation, fracture, haematoma, oedema, as well as immediate post-operative care.

More Products

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GlassBONE ™ is a bioactive synthetic substitute for bone regeneration in orthopedic, traumatic, spinal and craniomaxillofacial surgery. GlassBONE ™ is the new standard of the latest generation of bone regeneration substitutes. It has been designed to provide superior properties and performance and a faster and safer healing process.


Peek & Titanium Inference Screws


With a modulus similar to cortical bone, PEEK polymer exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness, together with a bio-inert nature and MRI compatibility. PEEK screw are the closest in character to bone structure.

Vetlig Sutures & Tapes

Fibre Tech is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). 10 x stronger than steel on a weighted basis, enabling a high resistance for any orthopaedic use.

Designed to enhance visibility and provides easier handling and superior knot security.

The sutures are pre-assembled with one or two needles and come in two sizes : 3 and 5 metric


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