UHMWPE Sutures & UHMWPE-Tapes

Sutures for orthopaedic soft tissue and ligament repair combined with the Vetlig UHMWPE Tapes making for the strongest of repairs. Use with buttons or titanium screws for fixation. Can be cut with a scalpel and they are pliable to use. Starting at 750 newtons for the single tape strength.

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Extra Tape with Cortical Button Fixation

Ligament repair with a cortical button fixation, 850 Newtons strength, UHMWPE, pre threaded, use for hip subluxation and extra capsular CCL repair on small cats and dogs. Use standard operating technique, can be used with titanium interference screws or peek screws. 2mm drill tunnel needed.


Titanium buttons used for bone fixation with sutures or ligaments, 5 different designs and sizes.

Also suitable for equine wind surgery.


Novatape Double Thread & Button

The new Novatape double thread with button

2.4 mm wide, 60 cm long, use with or without button or screw, can be tied securely, cut with scalpel. Low abrasion.

Suture Tape

Suture Characteristics

UHMWPE Suture Tape

Suture Characteristics

UHMWPE Suture Tape

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Yes: the tape can also be used with titanium or peek screws

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