Soft Tissue Internal Fixation

About Vetlig


Vetlig is a global company that has been involved in the artificial ligament business for humans and animals for over 25 years. We work with our business partners to source new and innovative products into the veterinary market, mainly derived from the human market.

Vetlig supplies products mostly relevant to dogs and cats but due to the nature of the products they can be cut to shape or shortened according to surgical need.

Artificial ligaments are able to be implanted in the body to help reconstruct virtually any tendon or ligament which needs help to heal or re-grow in the correct position or be replaced completely.

Vetlig also supplies a range of biomaterials for bone void filling, lateral sutures, ligament anchors, suspensory button fixation devices and instrumentation.

Vetlig believes that these products will help veterinarians to give their patients options which have not been available before and enable them to get back to normal activities with minimal downtime.