Soft Tissue Internal Fixation

Titanium Ligament Anchors

Reinsertion and repair for ligaments and tendons

  • Medical Grade Titanium Anchor
  • Medical Grade UHMWPE suture
  • Enabling minimally invasive surgery

Self-tapping TA6V Titanium anchors from 2 to 4 mms, this material has excellent biocompatibility and comes pre-assembled with one high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) suture threads with a curved needle for the reinsertion of soft tissues to bone.

They are fully threaded and self tapping to facilitate easy insertion of the screw into the bone. The design is suitable for arthroscopic and mini-open surgeries.

2, 3,4 mm with two needles in each pack, the 4mm comes with reverse cutting and a standard needle.