Soft Tissue Internal Fixation

Galax, the dobermann, CCL Repair

My name is Sophie and I am the owner of Galax, the dobermann in the video clips that Vet Krister Julinder sent to you.

The first 12 hours after the operation were horrible, Galax were in great pain in spite of strong painkillers. He cried and screamed so I almost felt I regret the op. ADer that first night everything was so much better in the morning, he could use his leg and the worst pain was gone.

During the following 2 weeks he had trouble to lie down and he thought it was a bit painful. Since then Galax has fully recovered but I know we still have to be careful but I am so happy he's not in pain anymore more. I can't believe that he could recover so fast after a CCL rupture.

Krister Julinder has been amazing (and still is) before and after the operation, he explains every step in a way that even a layman can understand. He is with his great expertise and big empathy just a phone call away 24-7.

All I can say is that Vet Krister Julinder and Vetlig is a match made in heaven and I am so grateful.

With regards
Sophie Clerkefors


“I can’t believe he would recover so quickly after a CCL rupture”
“the Vet Dr Julinder and Vetlig are a match made in heaven”

Galax a male doberman, CCL reconstruction all arthroscopic with a 48 fiber vetlig ligament. 2016

2 days after the operation

One week post CCL surgery

Two weeks post CCL surgery with Vetlig

One month post CCL surgery with Vetlig

Two months post CCL surgery with Vetlig