Soft Tissue Internal Fixation



Screw drivers

There are two screwdrivers, a male and female. The female is cannulated which incorporates the hexagonal K wire for screw fixation. The female screwdriver inserts the screw and the male removes it.







Drill bits

There are 3 drill sizes in hardened steel; 3.6mm, 4.2mm, 5mm for various soft tissue reconstructions.








K wires

STIF uses a trocar point, a blunt guide wire and a hexangonal K wire. All are 150mm long.








Telescopic tubes

STIF uses a variety of telescopic tubes which are designed to protect the soft tissue when drilling the bone tunnels. The longest of the tubes is for the passage of the wire loop through the stifle joint, before insertion of the ligament.







Wire loops

The bendy wire loops facilitate the passage of the ligament through the stifle joint. They can also be used for a variety of other proceedures.