Soft Tissue Internal Fixation

What is STIF and how will it benefit my pet?

As pet owners ourselves, it is understandable to be nervous about a member of the family having surgery. This section is to try and explain what STIF does and how it will benefit your pet.

STIF stands for soft tissue internal fixation, rather like a bone plate and screws when you fracture your leg or your arm, it helps the bodies own tissue to heal in the correct position or sometimes even replaces it.

STIF is a veterinary product created due to the success of artificial ligaments in humans, and with over 20 years of experience this has taught us a lot, and also made us realise that animals not just humans can benefit from this technology.

STIF is a synthetic ligament made from polyester, similar to devices that have been used in medicine for heart, hernia, knee and hip surgery for many, many years. It is very strong but at the same time is small to implant, which is kinder to the bone.