Soft Tissue Internal Fixation
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What is VETLIG and how will it benefit my pet?

As pet owners ourselves, it is understandable to be nervous about a member of the family having surgery. This section is to try and explain what Vetlig does and how it will benefit your pet.

The Vetlig ligament is a form of soft tissue internal fixation, rather like a bone plate and screws when you fracture your leg or your arm, it helps the bodies own tissue to heal in the correct position or sometimes even replaces it.

Vetlig is a veterinary product created due to the success of artificial ligaments in humans, and with over 20 years of experience this has taught us a lot, and also made us realise that animals not just humans can benefit from this technology.

Vetlig is a synthetic ligament made from high molecular weight polyethylene, similar to devices that have been used in medicine for heart, hernia, knee and hip surgery for many, many years. It is very strong but at the same time is small to implant, which is kinder to the bone and more conservative.

Vetlig the operation whether it be for the knee or the achilles is almost the same technique that is used in human orthopaedic repairs, sometimes it will be open surgery and sometimes it will be arthroscopic depending on the vets preference.

Please see some of the case studies from happy owners and dogs who have had treatment with the vetlig products from all over Europe.

Galax, the dobermann, CCL Repair

My name is Sophie and I am the owner of Galax, the dobermann in the video clips that Vet Krister Julinder sent to you.

The first 12 hours after the operation were horrible, Galax were in great pain in spite of strong painkillers. He cried and screamed so I almost felt I regret the op. ADer that first night everything was so much better in the morning, he could use his leg and the worst pain was gone.

During the following 2 weeks he had trouble to lie down and he thought it was a bit painful. Since then Galax has fully recovered but I know we still have to be careful but I am so happy he's not in pain anymore more. I can't believe that he could recover so fast after a CCL rupture.

Krister Julinder has been amazing (and still is) before and after the operation, he explains every step in a way that even a layman can understand. He is with his great expertise and big empathy just a phone call away 24-7.

All I can say is that Vet Krister Julinder and Vetlig is a match made in heaven and I am so grateful.

With regards
Sophie Clerkefors

“I can’t believe he would recover so quickly after a CCL rupture”
“the Vet Dr Julinder and Vetlig are a match made in heaven”

Galax a male doberman, CCL reconstruction all arthroscopic with a 48 fiber vetlig ligament. 2016

2 days after the operation

One week post CCL surgery

Two weeks post CCL surgery with Vetlig

One month post CCL surgery with Vetlig

Two months post CCL surgery with Vetlig

Popzy female toy poodle, CCL 24 fibre arthroscopic reconstruction 2017

Popzy's owner Linda Ekblom says:

“We are so happy that we chose the arthroscopic surgery with Vetlig ligament instead of a TPLO or TTA, which sounded like a horrible surgical intervention.

I think that the operation went smothly and without complications and was the best choise for Popzy.

Popzy recovered well after only a couple of days after the operation and it was hard to make her take it easy and not jump and run around to much.

The surgical wounds were easy to take care of as they were so small and so she really recommend Krister Julinders operation with the Vetligs ligament.

Now Popzy is a happy little poodle who can run around and play again.”